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Help Me Quit was launched in 2017 and is:

a single brand for NHS stop smoking services in Wales
a bilingual website with information on all NHS stop smoking services in Wales
a contact centre team that provides smokers with access to all NHS stop smoking services
making it easier for smokers to choose the best NHS stop smoking support for them in their local area
the best choice a smoker can make to quit smoking

Help Me Quit services strive to meet the NHS Wales Core Principles that state:

We put patients and users of our services first
We seek to improve our care
We focus on wellbeing and prevention
We reflect on our experiences and learn
We work in partnership and as a team
We value all who work for the NHS

If you are looking for more information on Help Me Quit services please click here.

Are you a smoker?

If you are ready to make a quit attempt please click here alternatively you can contact the team directly on 0800 085 2219 or text HMQ to 80818.

Rydym yn croesawu galwadau a gohebiaeth yn Gymraeg. Byddwn yn ymateb yn Gymraeg heb oedi.
We welcome calls and correspondence in Welsh. We will respond in Welsh without delay.

If you are looking for more information on Help Me Quit services please click here.

Do you support or work with smokers?
  1. Help Me Quit is the best way to stop smoking
  2. You are four times more likely to stop smoking with NHS stop smoking support than by going it alone
  3. Help Me Quit services are part of the NHS, free, effective and tailored to a smokers’ needs
  4. Help Me Quit recognises that not all smokers are the same and their support needs differ
  5. Help Me Quit is single point of access for smokers to choose the best stop smoking support for them
  6. Smokers can call 0800 085 2219, Text HMQ to 80818 or visit to access NHS stop smoking support

If you require Help Me Quit resources such as referral cards, posters or digital poster, visit Health Information Resources.

There are a number of training options available in Wales online and face-to-face. For the full list of training provision please visit the Making Every Contact Count website where you will find information under the lifestyle topic smoking.

Smoking remains the single largest avoidable cause of death in Wales with over 5,500 people dying early due to smoking in 2015.

The Help Me Quit contact centre team will process all referrals and have a conversation on the phone with the smoker to shape their ‘quit journey’ and offer a choice of group, 1:1 or telephone support from a range of NHS stop smoking service providers available in the smoker’s local area.

The Help Me Quit campaign provides an ideal opportunity to refresh your referral routes and encourage more smokers to get the best quit support there is.

You can refer a smoker into Help Me Quit by establishing a electronic referral route through Quit Manager. Please email for more information. You can also use the online referral form found here.