Success Stories

Name: Clarisse
Service: Stop Smoking Wales

After becoming pregnant Clarisse realised that she needed to make a change. Since quitting smoking, Clarisse is saving money each week which can now go to fun days out with her family.

Name: Paul
Service: Stop Smoking Wales

Paul, a builder from Caerphilly couldn’t believe how quick he noticed the difference in himself after quitting smoking. Now six months smoke free he wanted to share his story…

Name: Katherine
Service: Hospital Service

Being a mother of five, one of the first things Katherine noticed when she stopped smoking was how much money she was saving. Watch the full story here.

Name: Sian
Service: Pharmacy

After several failed attempts, Sian Partridge from Caerphilly decided to visit her local pharmacy and quit smoking once and for all.

Name: Ceri
Service: Pharmacy

Thanks to the support Ceri has received from her pharmacist, she is now finally able to keep up with her extra energetic kids. Watch her truly inspirational story here.

Name: Wendy
Service: Stop Smoking Wales

After going back to college to study nursing, Wendy decided that in order to help others she had to help herself first. Watch her truly inspirational story here.

Name: Clive
Service: Stop Smoking Wales

After four decades of smoking, Clive found that having someone supporting him on a weekly basis was what he needed to finally quit smoking for good.

Name: Lorraine Perry
Service: Stop Smoking Wales

After suffering several losses close to her to smoking related illnesses, Lorraine decided it was finally time to stop smoking. Almost 12 weeks smoke free, Lorraine is feeling fantastic! Watch the video to hear more about the benefits Lorraine has experienced since quitting